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Liberty University Online

Liberty University Online
- Feature Program - Doctor of Ministry. Reinforce and refine your ministry skills with a Doctor of Ministry from Liberty University Online. This program will help you develop a deeper understanding of biblical principles and strategies in order to serve effectively in a variety of pastoral roles. Students are given the opportunity to interact with a variety of recognized church leaders to increase their vision and deepen understanding of the purpose and goals of ministry. The Doctor of Ministry is well-suited for pastors, missionaries and other church leaders seeking the opportunity for professional and personal growth. A six credit hour thesis is required, as well as on-campus intensives.

Doctorate Degrees In:

  • Doctor of Education - Educational Leadership
  • Doctor of Education - Teaching and Learning
  • Doctor of Ministry

Capella University

Capella University - Feature Program - PhD - General Psychology. This online psychology PhD specialization offers you the opportunity to create an individualized, academic-track program designed to meet your professional goals and research interests. Choose established areas of psychological study such as addiction, family, or health psychology, or design an interdisciplinary program that blends psychology with education, business, or human services courses. People who choose this specialization are often pursuing faculty or administrative training positions in higher education, business or the military, or careers in consulting, institutional research, or program evaluation or administration.

Doctorate Degrees In:

  • DrPH - Epidemiology
  • DrPH - Health Advocacy and Leadership
  • DSW - General Social Work
  • PhD - Accounting
  • PhD - Counselor Education and Supervision
  • PhD - Criminal Justice
  • PhD - Curriculum and Instruction
  • PhD - Educational Psychology
  • PhD - Emergency Management
  • PhD - Finance">PhD - Finance
  • PhD - General Advanced Studies in Human Behavior
  • PhD - General Business Management
  • PhD - General Information Technology
  • PhD - General Psychology
  • PhD - Health Care Administration
  • PhD - Human Resource Management
  • PhD - Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • PhD - Information Security
  • PhD - Instructional Design for Online Learning
  • PhD - Information Technology Education
  • PhD - Information Technology Management
  • PhD - Information Technology Project Management
  • PhD - K-12 Studies in Education
  • PhD - Leadership
  • PhD - Leadership in Educational Administration
  • PhD - Leadership for Higher Education
  • PhD - Marketing
  • PhD - Multidisciplinary Human Services
  • PhD - Nonprofit Management and Leadership
  • PhD - Nursing Education
  • PhD - Postsecondary and Adult Education
  • PhD - Professional Studies in Education
  • PhD - Project Management
  • PhD - Public Safety Leadership
  • PsyD - School Psychology
  • PhD - Social and Community Service
  • PhD - Special Education Leadership
  • PhD - Training and Performance Improvement
North Central University

Northcentral University
- Feature Program - Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration - Public Administration. The need has never been greater for business leaders who can contribute to the knowledge base of contemporary business by making strategically adroit linkages between theory and practice. Learners gain the skills to meet that need through rigorous reflection on their professional experiences, in-depth exposure to the insights offered by the world's leading organizations, review of classic and cutting edge theory and research, and mastery of methods and techniques to identify, assess, understand and communicate strategically critical knowledge. Managers possessing the wide range of skills in public administration are meeting the challenges in government management at the local, state and federal levels. For practicing public administrators, as well as those seeking entry into public administration, this specialization focuses on acquiring the administrative knowledge and skills in such diverse areas as budgeting, government relations, personnel policies, politics, and urban planning.

Doctorate Degrees In:

  • Doctor of Business Administration
  • Doctor of Education
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Education
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Marriage and Family Therapy
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology
University of the Rockies

University of the Rockies
- Feature Program - Doctor of Psychology - Business Psychology Specialization. Pursue your Doctor of Psychology (PsyD), Business Psychology Specialization degree online from University of the Rockies. This specialization focuses on applying in-depth principles and theories of modern organizational psychology to businesses and complex organizations, with a strong emphasis on team performance, diversity, and ethical behavior. You will also learn to maximize your impact on human resources in business organizations by applying best practices in organizational and industrial psychology.

Doctorate Degrees In:

  • Doctor of Psychology - Educational Leadership Specialization
  • Doctor of Philosophy - Organizational Development and Leadership
  • Doctor of Psychology - Business Psychology Specialization
  • Doctor of Psychology - Health and Wellness Psychology Specialization
  • Doctor of Psychology - Mediation and Conflict Resolution Specialization
  • Doctor of Psychology - Mental Health Administration Specialization
  • Doctor of Psychology - Non-Profit Management Specialization
  • Doctor of Psychology - Organizational Diversity Specialization
  • Doctor of Psychology - Organizational Leadership Specialization
  • Doctor of Psychology - Criminology and Justice Studies Specialization
  • Doctor of Psychology - Sports and Performance Psychology Specialization
Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University
- Feature Program - Master of Science (M.S.) in Higher Education - General. Today's managers and leaders in higher education must take a student-focused approach to programs, services, and all aspects of the higher education experience. In the General Program for Higher Education, explore educational strategies and management principles that will help you to improve organizational and student success and to address the most pressing issues facing higher education institutions today.

Doctorate Degrees In:

  • Doctor of Business Administration in Management
  • Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership in Behavioral Health
  • Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership in Higher Education Leadership
  • Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership in Organizational Development
  • Doctor of Psychology in Cognition and Instruction
  • Doctor of Psychology in Industrial and Organizational


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